**Warning: Spoilers Ahead!!! If you’re not finished with the Gilmore Girls revival, click your back button immediately**

Like 90% of women aged 25-40, I cannot stop thinking about, talking about, and Tweeting about the Gilmore Girls revival. From the death of Grandpa Gilmore to the lack of Sookie to the need for more Jess and less Logan, I once again felt all the Stars Hollow feels.

gilmore-girls-1-7b0ae60e-858b-4f83-94ef-fb96375a658cOn the weekend of the release of the four episodes I gathered my core group of girls to share in the momentous occasion. We laughed. We cried. We hit pause a lot to remind each other of what had happened nine years prior. And, naturally, we ate three large pizzas.

But in all of our conversation, one theme kept recurring: what. In. the. Literal. Fuck. is. Rory. Doing?

My friends were appalled by the mess that had become of Rory Gilmore. No home, no job, no boyfriend save for an old flame who was otherwise engaged. What happened to our Yale graduate with the promising future as a journalist with the New York Times?

While everyone wrung their hands with worry over Rory’s future, I was more concerned about Lorelai embodying Cheryl Strayed’s Wild and Emily Gilmore wearing jeans. Rory’s life didn’t seem so worrisome to me. In fact, it seemed oddly comforting.

In the days following our watch party, I scoured Twitter and Facebook reading every hypothesis and reaction to the four episodes, and again I realized I am very much in the minority when it comes to not caring about Rory’s loose ends. Why is everyone so worried about her? (more…)