I was in college when I learned the term “period panties.” Learning that seemingly all of my sorority sisters also had a secret stash of faded underwear bespeckled with stains, holes, stretched elastic that they hoped they’d never be caught dead in saved in the backs of their underwear drawers made me breathe a sigh of relief at the normalcy of my own indelicate delicates.

For years I, like most women, have been rotating my ugliest most tattered pairs of undies to the back of my underwear drawer and saving them for a special occasion in which they’d be called upon to serve…my period. For me, this had been a relatively predictable cycle as I relied upon these underwear to serve as backup in the event of a leak, or worse a tsunami, during this dreaded week. That is until I changed my method of birth control and my cycle changed. Most of us are familiar with the overwhelming sadness that accompanies realizing you’ve just ruined a pair of brand new, adorable underwear, when your period sneaks up on you, unexpectedly returns (seriously though, why does this happen!?), or is in some other way unusual. However, I was quickly blowing through those 5 for $27.50 “deals” as my period changed and was becoming increasingly frustrated by the emergent need to scrub my new underwear in cold water, only to have to cut my losses and relegate them to that back corner of the drawer. Soon, I had more “period panties” than I had wearable pairs. That’s when I saw a sponsored post on Facebook for THINX.

I hemmed and hawed at the idea of THINX for months, reading reviews online, texting friends to tell them I was finally going to take the plunge, and then chickening out. I was nervous. THINX were a whole new world, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Finally, I took the plunge and went full-on THINX. I am so glad I did. I think you will be glad to try them too, and below are five things I think you should know about THINX before taking the plunge.

  • They Wear Almost Exactly Like Regular Underwear:
    I have tried several different cuts and they all fit like “regular” underwear. The sport cut are my absolute favorite. In fact, I wish my non-period underwear were this same cut. I say they almost fit like regular underwear because I think they’re a bit low-cut. The nearer I get to 30, the more I find I prefer a higher waisted undie. I’m not quite opting for the granny panty look just yet, but I am uncomfortable if my underwear (and jeans) don’t fit just below my belly button. THINX tend to fit about a half inch to an inch below the belly button, so I’ve opted for sizing up or the high-waisted cut to combat this problem. Even if you like a low-rise undie, I’d still recommend sizing up. The material has very little stretch, so for comfort (and for less wedgies!), I would size up.
  • They’re Seriously Absorbent:
    I’ll admit I was too much of a chicken to go exclusively THINX when I first got my order. I just had visions of Carrie on prom night if I left my house sans-tampon. After spending a day at home in just my THINX, I realized how effective they are! The people at THINX give a great chart of absorbency levels, and if you know how many fluid ounces of protection you need, then you’re probably the worst person to sit next to at a party. For the rest of us, this kind of chart means nothing. I know I need exactly enough ounces of absorbency to not feel like I’m in the seventh grade with a hoodie tied around my waist for the last two periods of the day ever again. With that said, I’ve only ever had one incident with THINX and even then, it was minimal at best. Safeguard yourself by ordering at least one higher absorbency pair, but don’t fret too much about it; they’re seriously powerful.
  • Don’t Be A Cheapskate:
    I bought one pair of THINX. One. Because $30 for a pair of underwear is outrageous, ya’ll. Until I realized I just desperately wanted to wash and re-wear my one pair. Don’t make my mistake; order enough for a whole cycle (5-7 pairs depending on your cycle) so you don’t have to wait. Trust me, they’ll pay for themselves.
  • Follow The Care Instructions:
    Since these underwear are made with sorcery, it’s important to care for them exactly as the instructions dictate lest you break the spell. When you take off your THINX, rinse them with cold water, wring them out, and toss them in a cheap, mesh lingerie bag from Target. When you’re about halfway through your stash of THINX, toss your bag into the washing machine on the delicate cycle. DO NOT DRY. Seriously, I don’t know what will happen, but I assume it will make them spontaneously combust. Layout flat or hang to dry.
    This is by far the most obnoxious part of THINX, but I’m not willing to risk it by cutting corners. I count on them, so I have to take care of them.
  • Game. Changer.

These are seriously a game changer. Since using THINX I’m never caught out of the house without a tampon. Or in the house going through all of my purses hoping to find a rogue tampon to get me through until I can hit up Target. I’m never caught crying that I’ve ruined yet another pair of new underwear. I no longer have to rotate out my underwear and determine which ones will be next in line to be sacrificed to period week (Shark Week seems much more apropos). And, $30 a pair is nothing compared to what I’ve saved in tampons, panty liners, and new underwear. All of these embody the deeply selfish reasons I am motivated to do anything, but they don’t touch upon how environmentally friendly THINX are or the one-for-one program THINX employs. Those are both great, but I’m much more of a how-does-this-benefit-me kind of girl.


Ready to try THINX? Great. I’m giving away one pair to a lucky reader. Enter the giveaway by completing the form below. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you with details should you win!


When you’re ready to take the plunge, be sure to purchase your cycle set using the code found by clicking here to get some THINX Cash good for future purchases! Trust, you’ll want this cash!


Click here to view this promotion.


Fine Print: Giveaway runs for exactly three weeks. One entry per person per day. One winner will be selected at the conclusion of the giveaway period. This giveaway and review is not endorsed, sponsored, or in any other way acknowledged by THINX and I will not receive compensation of any kind for hosting this giveaway; I just want ya’ll to have really happy periods.

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  1. I have been wanting to try these for ages! I’m only hearing good things, but have been afraid to take the period underwear plunge!

    • Hi, Jennifer! A winner has been chosen, but there has been some difficulty in getting a reply regarding style and size choice. If I do not hear back from her by Friday, a runner-up will be announced. Thanks for checking in!

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